Star Wars 3D Led Night Light

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This amazing light is a 2D wire frame lamp designed that creates an optical illusion, as it appears as a 3D light bulb, but is actually completely flat.

The bulb lamp is illuminated using LEDs that never get hot yet produce a warming glow. 

The top section simply works by reflecting light and illuminating etched lines within the surface, plus it can be easily removed, and replaced with a new design to suit your mood or room.

Powered by USB charging cable (included).

Material: Acrylic & ABS

Color changing : Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Pink, White

Dimensions: Approx 253*134*87mm

Returns Policy:

Satisfaction guaranteed - 30-day return policy.

Due to extremely high demand, shipping times are:
12-20 days in the US
16-26 days in Canada
30-40 days everywhere else

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