Nokia 3310 Retro Phone Case for iPhone

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Remember in the 90’s, when it was cool to own a Nokia phone? Well if you missed out on this precious moment in time or if you were just too young to enjoy the monochrome days of yore…you are in luck – the retrovirus has officially spread to the 2000s. The dirt’s still fresh on the grave of the nineties, but that hasn’t deterred ThumbsUp World, which has a retro iPhone case in the form of a typical early-2000s cell phone. Yeah, that’s from back when we called them cell phones and they weren’t all that smart.

Anyway, this is a hard case for the iPhone, that brings back the monochrome days, as opposed to the very not-monochrome days of the current iPhone display. While you’re at it, you can reflect on how far technology has come in just ten years by flipping your phone over.

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