Mermaid Costume For Kids

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You can surprise your princess with one of these beautiful 3-piece mermaid inspired Swimsuits. They are lovely and pretty girls’ mermaid tail swimsuit outfits. The gorgeous mermaid costume for kids has one bow-knot on back of the bottom, so beautiful and attractive. These fitting kid’s mermaid swimming outfits feature halter pattern, adjustable chest and neck length. The swimsuit is sowed together knowing fully well that kids love to play a lot, that is why at the bottom of the mermaid tail features opening to let the kid walk around. The amazing Halloween costume for kids are made of good material and adorable design for comfort and style. It is prefect for summer surfing and beach.

The mermaid swimming costume for kids is made up of a top, an underwear and a mermaid-tail skirt. All these clothes are made of best class materials, with amazing softness and comfort to avoid any irritation to the delicate skin of the kids. The mermaid style of this swimmable bathing suit greatly improves the overall look of this set of swim suit. Wearing this suit, your daughter will swim just like an adorable mermaid.

An amazing swimmable bathing suit, Halloween costume for kids is perfect for birthday parties, photo shoots, for fun at the beach, and pool.  This mermaid costume for kids is a unique present you can give your child and the child will so cherish and love forever. It is available in sizes that will fit children, kids (3-9 years) and in Pink, Blue and Green colors. The gorgeous mermaid inspired Swimsuit for kids is made of 100% Spandex material. The swimsuit from our shop comes in a set of 3pcs which has Tail, Bikini top and Bikini bottom.

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