Lord of The Rings Middle Earth Map Leggings

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Very handy if you're engaging in an epic quest across an entire country, mostly on foot and pursued by foul beasts. Nothing worse than getting lost with Nazgul on your heels, right?

Sweat wicking fabric, super comfy high waist band and a stand out, unique design! 

These leggings are built to make you look great and feel even better…

Material: Ultra soft, stretchy and comfy - Spandex and Polyester blend

Aftercare: Cool wash and dry is recommended

Size: Free (One size)

Length : 92cm / 36.22"   

Waist : 64cm~90cm / 25.2"~ 35.43"  

Hips : 76cm-110cm / 29.92"~43.1"  

Ankle : 23cm  / 9.1"

Thigh : 42-64cm / 16.54"~25.2"

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