Harry Potter Slytherin's Locket Horcrux Necklace

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An amazing replica of Salazar Slytherin's famous locket, one of the seven horcruxes in Harry Potter! It even opens to reveal R.A.B's secret note, folded up just like in the movies.

This Slytherin Locket is a perfect accessory for any Harry Potter fan!

Horcrux necklaces are fully opening lockets that are kept together with magnets so you have a little place to stash a photo or some poly juice potion.

The chains they come with measure approximately 50cm in total.

The locket pendants themselves measure approximately 3.5cmx6cm and are beautifully detailed with all the writing. Mischief will be managed when wearing this awesome piece.

Collect all four house charms - the Slytherin locket, Ravenclaw diadem, Hufflepuff cup and Gryffindor Sword are all available on our store.

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